Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BIG NEWS! Housework Harmony Launch Day is Here

Today is the Official Online Housework Harmony Launch Day, and I have a sentimental reason for being glad you dropped by. It's related to the dedication page inside the book, which reads as follows:

For my father Gordon McAllister
who showed me how much a
husband and father should care

One of the happiest aspects of this book for me is that I was able to read this dedication to Dad before the book was published, and I got to see the genuine surprise and pleasure on his face when he learned of it. Unfortunately he has since passed away so he is not here to help celebrate the launch. What you may not know is that Housework Harmony Launch Day is February 12th — my father's birthday. This is one more small way I can honor and celebrate his life, and I'm grateful that you've dropped by to help me do so. Thank you!

I'd like the launch event to help as many people as possible access the book one reviewer called “the most compassionate and fair-to-both-genders relationship guide since Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Consequently, from now until Valentines Day (this Friday, Feb. 14th) the e-book is available from Amazon for the introductory promotional price of $1.99.

Here are three reasons for ordering your own copy:

  • Are you among the 57% of couples who can't seem to end up on the same page when it comes to household chores? Would you like understand how to uncover the real reasons behind your frustration? You can learn low-stress ways to fall a little bit more in love with each other every day.

  • Do you know someone who has a bridal shower coming up this year? The Housework Harmony paperback makes a great chuckle-worthy gift that can also make a real difference in the new couple's relationship. It's an affordable gift at only $11.99.

  • Are there any therapists, marriage counselors or family-oriented bloggers among your Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Housework Harmony is a valuable resource for couples in crisis, and I'd welcome your help in spreading the word.

Housework Harmony is available now in paperback and Kindle e-book from Amazon.

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  1. Congratulations Andrew. It's a great book. I have been using your techniques steadily and with success since I read it!


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